Valentine’s Day Picks From The BED|STÜ Organics Collection

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and if you want to give a special gift to your significant other (or for yourself) that is fashionable while supporting the environment, check out our BED|STÜ Organics Collection. We are proud to introduce new sustainably made, vegetable tanned leather shoes and boots. The new Olivia in Brown is chrome free and handmade from complementing vegetable tanned leather upper. They also have a peep toe heel with rear YKK® zipper detail and a cushioned insole with leather fringe accents.

If you’re on the hunt for edgy organic leather shoes with a custom design then the Shrill in Sand Rustic is perfect. The Shrill is Goodyear welted with a Vibram ® rubber outsole for traction. Made in Leon, Mexico, these fashionable eco-beauties are chrome free and made with a vegetable tanned leather upper. There’s no better way to ensure that every step you take in these organic leather shoes will make a lasting impression on your friends and on the environment.

If you’re a fan of the  BED|STÜ Yell booties, you will love the new  Yell in Smoke Grey and Yell in Taupe Bone. Both organic booties are handmade by real people, offer a side zipper for convenience and are chrome free. They are also made from vegetable tanned leather and feature a three inch heel height, perfect for mixing and matching with different pieces in your wardrobe.

Overall, one of the great benefits of purchasing organic leather shoes  from the BED|STÜ Organics Collection is you’re supporting the environment in a way that is eco-friendly and sustainable while enjoying wearing shoes that are on-trend and fashionable. Gone are the days of associating eco-friendly shoes with footwear that is unappealing. A wide variety of natural materials and styles are available today to contribute to the ever-growing collection of vegetable tanned leather shoes.

BED|STÜ prides themselves in going down a road that is starting to become more traveled by the footwear industry. Awareness about materials utilized in creating your favorite pair of shoes are starting to come to light. Education is key in becoming aware of how the items you’re purchasing are not only affecting the environment, but how they’re impacting your life as well. It’s more important than ever to think about what you’re choosing to wear, where it comes from and how it will impact the environment once you decide to dispose of your shoes.

The BED|STÜ Organics Collection are free from heavy metals, such as chromes, formaldehyde and other known dangerous chemicals. The vegetable tanned leathers prepared in a pre-industrial old world environmentally friendly way using tree bark, leaves, plants, and other organic elements.

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Olivia in Teak
Shrill in Sand Rustic
Yell in Smoke Grey Black
Yell in Taupe Bone

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