Introducing BED|STÜ Organics

We are excited to announce our Organics Collections which is free from harmful heavy metals, such as chrome and other dangerous chemicals. We use vegetable tanned leathers prepared in a pre-industrial, old world, environmentally friendly way using tree bark, leaves, plants, and other organic elements.

We use natural organic components in our finished products- vegetable tanned leather, natural latex rubber, biodegradable supports, and water based glues and dyes with limited exceptions, such as poly cotton threads for durability.

In may of our styles, we use a natural cork and recycled leather shavings in the midsole which will form to the shape of your feet for a long lasting custom fit.

The true beauty of our product is found in the natural imperfections.


Lita in Tan Driftwood
Fen in Steel Blue
Loxley in Graphito
Hendrix in Tan Lux
Gatsby in Tan Driftwood

For more information about a particular product, please contact us at

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