Hand Finishing: No Two Pairs Are Alike

What do we mean when we say, “No two pairs are alike”?

When a shoe is finished by hand, it creates something that cannot be replicated precisely a second time. For a BEd|STU shoe to be completely finished, it takes roughly 15-20 steps for just the finish alone! Each step is done completely by hand in the tradition of Cobbler making we hold dear.
We use all natural eco-friendly paints that are non-toxic. We are very committed to using sustainable components in all of our products.
The main steps in the finishing process are:

  1. Tanning – This is the process that turns raw hide into usable leather. Once the tanning process is finished, the leather is then ready to have the color applied to it.
  2. Hand dyeing – This is the first time color is applied to the raw leather. The shoe is carefully hand dyed to emulate the specific finish for the shoe. This step may be repeated numerous times until the proper finish is achieved.
  3. Brush finishing – A brushing wheel is applied to the shoe, which gives the distressed/antique finish we are most known for. The cobbler will apply dyes and continue to brush the shoe until it achieves the desired look.
  4. Sealing – Once the desired finished is achieved, sealants are applied to preserve the finish and keep the leather from drying out.

While these steps do make up the main portion of our finishing process, there are a few steps that remain a BED|STU secret sauce.

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