Festival Fringe

The countdown is on! As we now bid March adieu and welcome April with open arms, we can all finally focus our efforts on prepping the essentials during the biggest countdown celebration since ringing in the New Year: The Coachella countdown! We’re only two weeks away from that desert paradise in the sun, which is just enough time to stock up on all the items to guarantee you’re the baddest boho belle at the ball! And what is a boho beauty without her fringe? We’ve put together some outfits to highlight all of our favorite BED|STÜ festival fringe accessories alongside some top picks from our friends at freepeople.com, that we promise we will be sure to shake and move from stage to stage right along with you!

Hooplia in Black Lux
Eastend in Black Lux
Hooplia in Scarlett Rustic

How to wear the Hooplia in the heat? With a light and flowy tunic! Only tough decision is having to choose between a distressed Black Lux or rich Dark Scarlett. Whichever color you decide, we think the Eastend in Black Lux is the perfect fringe worthy compliment.

Eastend in Tan White
Hooplia in Tan Driftwood
Trough in Steel Blue

So nice we had to feature them twice! The Hooplia and Eastend combo in Tan work as a perfect neutral pairing to the vibrant colors of this adorable pom pom romper. Feeling bold? Opt for Trough in Steel Blue Rustic to pop those colors!

Alena in Blue Lux Sand

Okay, can we talk about this absolute perfect pairing? This romper NEEDS to be united forever alongside our Alena sandals.

Olivia in Brown
Terra Mar in Natural Vecheta

The fringe on Olivia and rich brown color make it a stand out next to a chambray number like the one below. We also love the Terra Mar bag in Natural Vecheta to tie in the coloring of the embroidery detailing and the hat.

Olivia in Red Ferrari
Sandy Lane in Black Lux

Need we really explain how amazing these floral bell bottom pants look with the Olivia in Red Ferrari? You’ll be turning every head in this fiery fringe ensemble! The Sandy Lane in Black Rustic ties the entire look together.

Sandy Lane in Teak Rustic
Alena in Teak Rustic

Rock a clean and polished look with Alena in Teak Rustic and Sandy Lane in Teak Rustic paired with this monochrome set.

Whist in Teak Lux
Bliss in Teak Tan

Our fringe belts were made for long tunic dresses like these! Break up the look by adding some side fringe fun with Whist in Teak Lux or opt for Bliss in Teak Tan and skip the locker line by storing all of the essentials in this perfectly sized pouch instead!

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