Exploring The World of Fashion Blogger Parker Smith

Parker wearing the Draco in Teak Glove

We are excited to learn more about fashion blogger Parker Smith of The Look Smith in our blogger spotlight.

  1. What is your favorite BED|STÜ product?

“Picking a favorite product at this point is like picking a favorite friend but what the hell, I’m sure the others will get over it. I’d have to say the Genoa in Black Lux. They’re awesomely versatile for me, working well with jeans and a t-shirt or even with a casual suit.”

  1. What is your go-to style for your BED|STÜ boots?

“I like to style my boots with whatever my mood dictates. A big reason I love the BED|STÜ brand so much is because of the shoes’ versatility. I often wear jeans and a tee or a flannel, so that would probably be my go-to styling but knowing that I can easily dress my boots up is a great option to have.”

  1. What is your favorite part about being a fashion blogger?

“My favorite part about being a fashion blogger is multi-faceted. I love working with brands and playing dress up for a living. Also meeting fellow bloggers and people who are passionate about fashion is great because I can pick their brains about certain brands or styles and offer my own opinions as well. Lastly, I have to admit that the constant gratification of wearing new, well-made clothes and shoes is great because I get to be on top of all the new styles and trends without having to wait until they hit the stores.”

  1. Who is your fashion icon?

“My fashion icon would be if Lenny Kravitz and Frank Sinatra had a baby…and that baby somehow inherited a hybrid of the genes of his fathers. I love Lenny’s ability to look cool in absolutely anything. His confidence level is sky high whether he’s wearing distressed jeans and a white v-neck or a kimono jacket with tuxedo pants (all hypothetical, although sounds kinda awesome). Sinatra is one of the most stylish dudes in history for me because of his effortlessness. He looked great 100% of the time. Plus, any man who can accessorize a glass of scotch is someone I look up to.”

  1. What is your dream vacation destination?

“My dream vacation destination changes on a very regular basis. Right now I’d love to visit Australia and see the beaches. I’m also infatuated with Japanese style culture and their ability to create such interesting pieces so I’d have to at least pop by and pick up my kimono to go with the tux pants.”

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Parker Smith wearing the Genoa in Black Lux and carrying the Nigel in Black Lux

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