Exploring The World of Fashion Blogger Jamie Kidd

Jamie Kidd Wearing BED STU Becca

Jamie Kidd of The Blogging Jay wearing the Becca in Black Lux

We love our fashion bloggers. They bring a new light to our BED|STÜ products. Fashion blogger Jamie Kidd of The Blogging Jay is no exception. From her down-to-earth bohemian style to her striking features, we love the vibe she brings to the BED|STÜ brand. We sat down with Jamie to learn more about her life as a fashion blogger.

Jamie Kidd Wearing BED STU Manchester

Jamie Kidd wearing the Manchester boots in Tan White

1. What is your favorite BED|STÜ product?
“My favorite BED|STÜ product are the Manchester boots! I love tie detail in the back of the boots and how well they complement my style in different seasons.”

2. What is your go-to style for your BED|STÜ boots?
“My go-to style with a pair of BED|STÜ boots would be a cute and comfy dress with a hat! Any effortless chic look goes well with my BED|STÜ boots.”

3. What is your favorite part about being a fashion blogger?
“I love all the opportunities I’m given to travel and shoot in amazing locations! I also love all the interesting people I meet and work with along the way.”

4. Who is your fashion icon?
“My fashion icon is Whitney Port because of her impeccable style and ability to mix and match different styles and make them all look great.”

5. What is your dream vacation destination?
“My dream vacation would definitely be Greece, being able to explore and shoot the beautiful landscape would be amazing!”

6. Do you have a music guilty pleasure?
“My music guilty pleasure is Taylor Swift, all day everyday.”

7. What is something about yourself that you consider to be quirky?
“A weird but very well known fact about myself is my obsession with cats and wanting to keep every single one I see!”

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