Do you know what we’re made of?

Firstly, if you’ve ever heard of BED|STU, you are familiar with our attention to detail and exceptional quality.  All our products have been created by skilled artisans in the design, construction, and finishing process.  We use vegetable tanned leather, natural latex rubber, biodegradable supports and water based glues and dyes, with some exclusions for durability, such as poly/cotton threads.  We also use natural cork and recycled leather shavings in the midsole to provide a shoe that molds perfectly to your foot.


DSC_0399 DSC_0344



Leathers and Dyes

Our leathers are vegetable tanned, with plants and/or soil, in an environmentally safe manner. We do not use chrome or formaldehyde in any of our products, and we try our best to search for only free-range options. Because of the natural tanning process, our leathers will need to be broken in a bit before they are completely customized to your foot.   In addition to our eco-conscious tanning process, the dyes we use are also from plants and/or soil and applied by hand, which gives each shoe an individual and unique finish, made for you.


DSC_0547  DSC_1241



Our glues are primarily water based and always solvent-free. This means it’s a much more eco-friendly option, since it reduces corrosion and environmental pollution, as well as keeping our artisans healthier while working, than other options.



Goodyear Welt

An original Goodyear Welt is the oldest, most labor intensive and most durable method of shoe construction. The durability of a Goodyear welted shoe is unmatched and provides the opportunity to be repeatedly re-soled, enabling you to have your pair of shoes for many years, decades even. With the extra layers in the Goodyear welt, the shoe becomes more water resistant and supportive for your foot.  Why would you choose anything else?


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When shopping for shoes, we hope you keep quality, environment and health in mind, and choose to be #naturallyimperfect.


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