Declutter And Organize Your Way To A New You!

One of the most exciting aspects of a new year is the ability to start with a clean slate! Organization is a relatively easy first step towards getting in the right mindset to a new you.  Living a clutter-free lifestyle is extremely rewarding. The benefits are tremendous; less clutter and more clarity, improved quality of life by reduced stress, and improved productivity, just to name a few. There are other benefits as well. Start the year off right by donating, recycling, and making a little extra cash by gifting or reselling unused or unwanted items.

Organization can be a tough beast to conquer. It is nearly impossible to stay organized every day, all day, but when you strive to do the best you can, you’ll experience great benefits and more. Plus, who doesn’t like getting rid of a little extra clutter?? We have complied a list of 8 potential items you may have forgotten about and should consider purging this new year. Ready, set, go!



It is easy to get bogged down with magazine subscriptions piling up. Go through your stack of magazines and see which ones you have read and can recycle. Another option is to donate them to nursing homes, doctors’ offices, nail salons, or local libraries. (However, it is a good idea to tear off your address before donating them!) Tip: If there is a recipe, picture, or article that you love and want to keep, clip it out! Put together a folder where you can keep these tidbits for reference later.

  1. BOOKS

Go through your bookcase and pull out books you haven’t touched in a year or aren’t planning on re-reading. Sell or donate them to make room for new ones. Tip: Start a book exchange amongst other bookworms you know. It is an awesome way to share a good story and receive a new one in return!


In the blink of an eye, you can easily start to swim in an endless pile of papers. Shred and recycle all the unnecessary. Wary of tossing something important? When in doubt, utilize scanning apps to make an electronic copy. Tip: Go paperless! With this day in age, a majority of companies offer paper free options. Not only will it allow you to easily electronically organize all the essentials, but support the environment too!


Do a quick scan and instantly toss ripped, dirty, and unwearable items. Next, follow the 2-year rule. If you haven’t worn the item in over 2 years, get rid of it! Simply re-sell items at thrift stores or donate them. Tip: If you are unsure about some wardrobe pieces, keep them. Re-organize your closet and place all the items on hangers facing the opposite way. Throughout the year, as you wear and wash pieces, hang them back in your closet the correct way. At the end of the year, it will be easy for you to see what items you haven’t worn in a year and can consider discarding.


It is easy to forget that these items have expirations dates too! Toss items that are old or that you don’t use. When you are unsure, get rid of it! These items can be easily replaced and it is better to ride on the side of caution. Tip: Some brands now offer recycling programs such as a free product or reduced prices when you turn in empty containers. Score!


Take a peek in your jewelry box. Toss broken costume jewelry, organize by category or function, and sell or donate pieces you don’t wear and can part with. Tip: You can effortlessly organize your jewelry using household items such as bowls, cups, and little saucer plates.


We are all guilty of overloading our handbags at some point. Constantly on the go, it can be easier to throw items in our bags. Cleaning out your handbag can be beneficial in many ways. It will allow you to toss the trash, de-clutter unnecessary items, organize the essentials, and potentially help you find something you have been looking for! Tip: Invest in a versatile cross body that can also function as a wallet, clutch, or wristlet. This will allow for you to easily transition throughout your day without all the unnecessary clutter and weight; like our BAYSHORE bag!


Following expiration dates in this category is key. Throw away old, rotting, unwanted/unused, and expired items. Recycle when possible and make sure you are following the proper instructions on how to dispose of medicine and vitamins properly. Tip: Do this weekly. It will cut down time doing this task and you won’t have any unpleasant surprises later!


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