Check Out Our Italian Summer Sandals

If you’re a fan of our handmade shoes from our Italian Collection, we have some great news: the sister and cousin of the beautiful Ramona have arrived! The Ramona in Tan is complete with the same features as the Ramona in Tan Rustic: Rich Italian leather, unique metal designs and a antique brass zipper. If you’ve been on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind Italian shoe, the Ramona is the perfect fit.

Ramona in Tan
Ramona in Tan Rustic

Last but not least is the Andela in Tan Taupe. Similar to the Ramona, the Andela is a handmade shoe featuring rich Italian leather, an antique brass zipper and grommet accents around the shoe.

Andela in Tan Taupe

If you want to view our entire Italian collection, feel free to visit the link here.

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