BED|STÜ Visits The Marche District

The BED|STÜ team recently traveled to the Marche District to collaborate and work with the following local artisans to proudly bring you our BED|STÜ Italian collection. Read more about their travels below.

The tranquil rolling hills of the Marche district is one of our favorite places in the world.  Here, old world traditions and the importance of family are treasured: From the handmade pastas now sold all over the world, to cottage wineries that supply neighbors and local restaurants in the area with wine. Rustic farmhouses are transformed into family restaurants serving up the best Italian food, this pocket in Italy is simply magical.     

This area is also known for where some of the best Italian shoes are made.   

Meet the Lupetti’s – a small family, where dad is the gentle and creative artisan that transforms leather into works of art in his shoe making.  Warmhearted mama, aunt and son are the production team and their lovely daughter runs the business side of the operation.

The Lupetti Family

We also met Marco, an ambitious young man who grew up making handmade shoes. He decided to start his own shop by convincing his father who worked all his life as a cobbler, to mentor and work with him.  Together, they bring old world experience, business savvy and exuberance.

We were excited to meet Roberto and Paolo, whose grandfather raised a family and would travel from home-to-home to individually custom make each shoe based on the persons foot.  The tradition of handmade shoes was passed onto the dad and his two sons. They now honor their grandfathers craft of handmade shoes.

Lastly, meet Renzo’s family, an extended family of shoemakers, whose sons grew up riding horses and making shoes. They now make some of the best shoes in the industry that are all handcrafted. They have raised the bar on handmade shoes and they now bringing up the next generation of shoemakers.

Renzo working on a shoe

Honoring the craft is one of the core beliefs at BED|STÜ.  Here in the Marche district, one can feel the old world traditions of and the respect for the traditional cobbler craft.  Marche, is a shoe lovers heaven on earth.  

The Marche District

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