BED|STU Footwear Launches Organics Collections As Part Of Naturally Imperfect Campaign

BED|STU Footwear, a brand founded on the principles of high-quality craftsmanship and honoring the cobbler and the craft, announced today the launch of their BED|STU Organics Collection.

The Organics Collection is free from harmful metals such as chromes, formaldehydes, and other dangerous chemicals. BED|STU uses vegetable tanned leathers prepared in pre-industrial old world environmentally friendly way using tree bark, leaves, plants and other organic elements.

Natural organic components are utilized in their finished products – vegetable tanned leather, natural latex rubber insoles, biodegradable supports, and primarily water based glues and dyes with limited exceptions, such as poly-cotton threads for durability. In addition, many of their styles use a natural cork and recycled leather shavings in the mid-sole which will form to the shape of your feet for a long lasting custom fit. BED|STU Organics Collection will continue to work towards becoming more organic in their processes and materials.
To celebrate natural imperfections, BED|STU is proud to introduce their Naturally Imperfect campaign with focus on BED|STU Organics, Hand Made By Real People and Designs Inspired By Everyday Life. Events, collaborations and social engagement will highlight messaging celebrating human imperfections. People are also encouraged to share their unique qualities on social media using #NaturallyImperfect.

Andrew Forbes, BED|STU’s COO stated, “BED|STU is Handmade By Real People and embraces the imperfections found naturally in the organic materials crafting our footwear and accessories. The BED|STU philosophy has celebrated natural imperfections from the beginning, and will come to life during our Naturally Imperfect campaign.”

Consumers can celebrate the launch by following BED|STU’s social media channels for daily updates.

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