Beat The Heat Through Your Feet

As temps are rising and summer seemingly casts down its warning rays, we grow closer to its official debut. This may leave us  scrambling to do anything we can to keep our internal body temperatures down to a manageable level. Popsicles are probably the tastiest option. Trading our denim skinnies for shorts frees our lower limbs to catch whatever breeze we are lucky enough to be graced with moments of temporary solace. But did you know that the true heat control panel lies right at the end of those limbs? What if I told you that you alone have the power to guide your body temperature direction for the day towards your liking, simply by just choosing the right pair of shoes?

The heat lies in your feet! Your feet have a big impact on body temperature and are ideally suited to helping us keep a stable body temperature, for a few reasons. They – like the hands – have a large surface area flooded with specialized blood vessels which can be triggered to open up in order to pass high volumes of blood through them, resulting in the ability to offload heat quickly when required. And weather forecasts are telling me we are reaching that requirement!

Exposing our toes and feet may seem like an obvious choice to land on summer style’s best dressed lists, but it also allows for the primary exit pathway of heat from your body, leaving the only battle with hotness to be in your heel height.

BED|STÜ Bonus: The vegetable tanned leather that we use to wrap your foot and cover the insole has been processed without the use of any harsh chemicals that would normally stunt the breathability – or transmission of body heat out and cool air in – of leather, going the extra mile to facilitate and extend what your body is already naturally trying to accomplish.

Check out some of our favorite strappy and exposed toe styles here in doing our part to check off all your levels of coolness for the day. We’ve got you (un)covered.

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