The Anatomy Of A Boot

boot anatomy

  1. Tongue – Protection from debris
  2. Eyelet – Reinforces the leather for laces
  3. Vamp – Provides the fit for the boot
  4. Toe box – Keeps the structure of the toe
  5. EVA cushion – Provides cushion and comfort for the feet
  6. Leather insole – Base foundation of the boot. Using leather allows for breathability.
  7. Cork/Leather filler – Extra layer of cushion and padding. The filler will mold to the foot.
  8. Leather midsole – Second layer of the outsole.
  9. Leather outsole – Third layer of the outsole
  10. Full grain leather foot bed lining – Provides breathability for the feet
  11. Blucher – Holds the laces in place
  12. Heel Counter – The shape of the heel counter keeps the foot in place and keeps it from slipping
  13. Shoelace aglet – Plastic tip of the laces
  14. Leather stacked heel – Stacking leather between the layers of the heel provides durability without adding weight.
  15. Rubber top lift – Provides traction to stop slipping
  16. Welt outsole stitch – holds the outsole in place
  17. Lemonwood pegs – Reinforces the welt outsole stitch
  18. Leather heel seat reinforcement – Extra layer of support for the heel
  19. Tempered steel shank – Provides arch support
  20. Leather welt – Holds the outsole to the body (upper) of the boot
  21. Welt inseam stitch – Holds the welt to the upper and insole board.

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