48 hours in Louisiana with Duck and Dressing

When you step off the plane from LA to Monroe, Louisiana, you will immediately notice a change that extends beyond the humidity. The small town offers a unique amount of charm that only the south can deliver. Within this small community is a bustling store that is engaged by both its aspirational sense of style, as well as the lime light that surrounds it. DUCK & DRESSING is the premier fashion stop for the city of Monroe. Surrounded by unique architecture that derives from the early days of oil/manufacturing, this small town is a photographers dream. We were lucky to spend the day with the owner Rebecca Robertson and her boyfriend Johnreed Loflin, exploring the scenery while creating some amazing imagery.

We stopped for lunch at a premier local restaurant named COTTON, where we were introduced to Muscovy duck wraps, which is glazed duck, wrapped in bacon, filled with cream cheese and jalapenos. I know what you’re thinking, and yes they are as amazing as they sound. If you are ever in town, this is a must stop for Monroe.


We rounded out a long day of shooting with a nice dinner consisting of laughter and storytelling. This was not just another trip to one of our retailers, but an experience that creates long lasting friendships. We will never forget the charm Monroe has to offer along with the people we were able to share the experience with. Other than a few hiccups with traveling due to weather, the trip was nothing short of amazing. Los Angeles is our home, but there is something about the south that you just can’t replicate. We want to thank Rebecca Robertson and Duck & Dressing for inviting us out, and hope for nothing less than success in her future endeavors.




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