Tim Melideo

If you’re on Pinterest more than two minutes, you’ll likely come across one of his photos. We were walking the floor at Project Las Vegas with him when someone (who turned out to be Kendi from Kendi Everyday) shouted “Stay Classic!” and came over to finally meet him in person.

Tim Melideo, by his own admission, simply clicks a button for a living. But dang it, he looks impeccable when he does.

M7-37: We’ll keep this brief, so we can get to the pictures. But how did all this get started?

Tim: The blog started as a way for me to start getting feedback on how I was dressing… to see if I was actually doing a good job or not. I was experimenting with dressing a lot better once I moved to New York and I really wasn’t sure what I was doing. I guess I was doing okay because I kept going and kept getting good feedback.

M7-37: Is it true a lot – perhaps most – of your styling photos are actually taken by you?

Tim: All my photos used to be photographed by me by using a tripod and a remote trigger. Now a lot of my photos are shot by my wife because she doesn’t have a 9 to 5 job anymore. But for all the pictures I set up a scene and just have her click the button. Then I do all the editing myself. I don’t want to get into the philosophical discussion of who actually is the photographer in these situations.

M7-37: And for all the camera buffs out there, you’re shooting on a…?

Tim: Canon 5D MKIII

M7-37: Well, now that you’ve angered all the Nikon folks out there… we kept seeing these photos everywhere on Pinterest, so we initially reached out to you. But as it turned out, you already owned a pair of Bed|Stu back in the day, right?

Tim: Yep. The Stentorian oxfords were actually my first kind of “nice” shoe purchase. And the first brown ones I think as well! They were on sale for like $20 at Urban Outfitters so I couldn’t pass them up. I am pretty sure I wore them until the sole started coming off [laughing]. I did a lot of walking in NYC.

M7-37: Alright, we know it’s tough, but we asked you to give us five of your favorite pics from Stay Classic. Kindly walk us through them, would you?

Stay Classic

Tim: This was an outfit that I wore to go on the floor of the NYSE. I think this was the first time I went sockless when wearing something nice like this. It was also the first image of mine that really got a lot of attention so it really made me feel like this was a good direction in which to head.

Stay Classic

Tim: This was my first time mixing patterns of shirts and ties. Pattern mixing is something I really have fun doing and I try and incorporate it into socks, blazers, and pants as well. If it’s done right, it really makes the whole outfit look smart.

Stay Classic

Tim: This was my British-inspired outfit that I wore while photographing one day of a four-day wedding in Serbia. I’ve got a striped tie, polka dot socks, a blue tweed-ish blazer, and gray pants. It’s a whole lot going on but I really like the way it turned out. And because I only packed a carry-on for 2 weeks away, I think I packed well. The photo itself looks vintage and reminds me of how awesome that trip was!

Stay Classic

Tim: This was just one of my favorite outfits. Everything fits so well and the colors work so well together. It was a fun outfit that I wore to see Dita Von Teese in Hollywood so I thought it was appropriate to be a little vintage-y, a little fun, and a little sharp. Plus the shirt is a short sleeve, but no one has to know.

Stay Classic

Tim: Another favorite outfit because of the fit of everything. It is so satisfying to have stuff fit so well off the rack. Most of my stuff fits well but some of it fits perfectly. I think every item in this outfit does that. And I also like that the blue tweed jacket mixes with the slightly different wool texture on the black pants. Plus my new Bed|Stu Corsico have quickly become a new favorite of mine.

M7-37: We’re honored. And we dig everything you do over there at Stay Classic, so thanks for the inspiration. Alright, we’ll let you get back to exercising that trigger finger of yours.

Tim on the web: stayclassicblog.com | facebook | instagram | pinterest | twitter

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    Sweet Article. Tim is cool, I found some inspirational idea like the pattern mixing with the ties. I like his vintage feel style. I’ll definitely incorporate some of his style into a more street/casual wear. I’m thinking plaid shirt, horizontal ties like in pic #3, jean jacket and a thick gold chain and of course my bed:stu sneaker.

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