Gent’s Lounge BED|STÜ Picks


When it comes to styling for men, nobody does it better than Gent’s Lounge. We wanted to explore the fashion mind of George Laboda (seen here wearing the Taurus) of Gent’s Lounge to get his take on his favorite BED STU pieces for men:

Bowen in Tan

“The Bowen is the perfect all-around boot. If you only have one pair of boots these guys work well across the board. You can dress them up or dress them down, these boots become the star just about any outfit.”

Vick in Black

“The Vick Bag in Black is also perfect for a weekend getaway. Never out of place; this bag is stylish and rugged.”

Algarve in Carmel

“The Algarve in Camel: You gotta love a good pair of wingtips. The oversized brogueing (It’s a word I swear) sets them apart and gives them more of an edge then your standard brogue.”

Sinatra in Camel

“To me, the Sinatra in Camel just screams winter. Throw on a pair of thick wool socks with these bad boys and you might as well have just stepped into your own personal fireplace.”


“If you want to up your oxford game, the Paolo in Black is perfect. When you think Oxford you don’t normally think ‘edgy’ but these Italian handmade shoes bring that extra pop and to a more often than not safe bet of a shoe.”

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